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2014 Mecklenburg County State of the Environment Report

Greenways - Active Transportation Recreation Amenity

Yellow arrow indicatorGreenways and trails in Mecklenburg County are trending positively toward the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Greenway Plan Update 2008 goals. This positive trending has been the result of secured federal stimulus funding. Funding will continue​ to be a driver of the success of this indicator. 

Greenways: More Than A Walkway
Greenways are linear corridors of land and water that conserve floodplains for improving water quality, help ease flooding, and support preservation of open space. Greenway trails within and outside the floodplain corridors are developed for active transportation, recreation, maintaining public access to the County's natural resources and encouraging health and fitness.

Mecklenburg County citizens have continually supported Park and Recreation bonds for land acquisition and greenway facility development. A 2013 citizen survey revealed that about 64% of the County's residents consider greenways and trails the amenity preferred most for development in the County, and the majority (92%) of residents felt the role of greenways as a connected network of walking, biking and nature trails was important.

Carolina Thread Trail: A Vision for Regional Connectivity
As part of the master plan update, the initial, conceptual routing of the Carolina Thread Trail through Mecklenburg County was adopted. The Thread Trail is a 15-county regional trail system that will link communities and attractions in North and South Carolina.

Moving Forward
Despite a significant economic downturn in recent years, the development of trails throughout the County continues to move forward toward the goals set forth in the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Greenway Plan Update 2008. Since 2004, more than 30 miles of greenway trail have been constructed. Non-county funding has exceeded $8 million, including NCDOT and Tiger II federal stimulus funds. The new urban sections of Little Sugar Creek Greenway & Stream Restoration are already receiving national attention. On-going partnerships with NCDOT, the City of Charlotte, the Carolina Thread Trail and surrounding towns will ensure that Mecklenburg County residents have access to a well-connected greenway system.

For more information contact: Gwen Cook, Planner. 704-432-1570

What you can do to grow and enjoy our Greenway System

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The trends shown in the State of the Environment Report are not all based on tests of statistical significance. Data analysis, anecdotal evidence, and best professional judgment have been compiled to represent these trends. The State of the Environment Report takes a snapshot of important environmental indicators in an effort to educate the public while highlighting challenges, successes and the general direction of change for each indicator. For additional information on these indicators and the determination of trends, please follow the links and feel free to contact the appropriate resources.

Last updated 2/17/14