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2012 Mecklenburg County State of the Environment Report
Facility Planning and Land Acquisition

Yellow arrow indicatorFacility Planning and Land Acquisition is on target to meet 2008 Comprehensive Master Plan goals of Facility implementation and meet the needs of the Mecklenburg County community. 

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Marshall Park

Facility Planning and Land Acquisition
Park and recreation facilities are key components of the natural and built environment that enhances the quality of our lives. When well planned and strategically located, they provide outlets for recreational enjoyment and environmental appreciation. The current trend for desired facilities reflects the evolving needs of our citizens.

Trails - Requests for walking and biking trails reflect the top priority for new facilities identified in the 2008 Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation 10 Year Master Plan. The Citizen Survey Results indicated that 74% of the respondents placed this type of amenity at the top of their lists.

Neighborhood Parks - The department regularly receives requests to plan and develop neighborhood parks. The Master Plan has identified a shortage of these walk-to facilities that provide localized recreation opportunities for a diverse population group. We have completed schematic master plans for 2 neighborhood parks and through a community build/volunteer process, completed the construction of one of them.

Park Shelters and Picnic Areas - The desire for shelters and picnic areas remains strong. We recently initiated a partnership with the YMCA to construct a joint-use indoor shelter at Park Road Park. This will allow for the development of a much-needed amenity at minimal costs to the County.

Natural Areas - Reduced land costs have identified acquisition opportunities. The 2008 Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation 10 Year Master Plan concluded that the County needs to acquire about 12,000 additional acres for recreation in the coming decade to keep pace with the County's growing population. The department acquired 212 acres of prime land which is a positive step in achieving the goal to create a contiguous 550+ acre area that will provide opportunities for natural and passive recreation experiences.

For more information contact: W. Lee Jones, Division Director

What you can do to grow Park Facilities and support Land Acquisition
  • Approach Park and Recreation about leveraging county land
  • Donate or sell at a significantly reduced rate your land to Park and Recreation
  • Volunteer to help build or maintain park amenities like Race Playce and Lincoln Heights Park
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The trends shown in the State of the Environment Report are not all based on tests of statistical significance. Data analysis, anecdotal evidence, and best professional judgment have been compiled to represent these trends. The State of the Environment Report takes a snapshot of important environmental indicators in an effort to educate the public while highlighting challenges, successes and the general direction of change for each indicator. For additional information on these indicators and the determination of trends, please follow the links and feel free to contact the appropriate resources.

Last updated 4/16/12

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