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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Improper Solid Waste Disposal & Handling​


What is improper disposal? 

Improper disposal of trash and recycling is a form of illegal dumping. The term "illegal dumping" is used to describe disposing of waste in unauthorized areas. It is an environmental crime. Depending on the circumstances, charges can range from misdemeanor to felony and the fines can be quite heavy.

Waste should be disposed at a permitted disposal facility -- it's the law. Improper disposal can be considered a Class 1 felony crime. You must take your waste to the proper disposal facilty in Mecklenburg County. 

Where do people dump illegally? 

Unsecured property with many access points is a favorite with illegal dumpers. Remote, poorly lit roads, access and service roads and any area where waste containers are placed, but unattended, are also vulnerable. Once established, illegal dumps tend to attract additional waste. When sites are not cleaned up promptly, they attract additional illegal dumpers. 

If someone illegally dumps on your property, you are now the responsible party. Secure your property by blocking or gating roads. Mecklenburg County will assist you with adding "No Dumping Signs" and possible placement of hidden cameras to catch illegal dumping activity. 

What are the effects of improper waste disposal?

It costs tax payer money to clean up illegal dump sites. Illegal dumps are not just ugly, they also impact human health, damage the environment and can discourage economic development. Mecklenburg County takes this very seriously and will pursue criminal charges against those caught dumping any waste illegally. 

Reporting an illegal dumper: 

If you see an illegal dumper, do not risk your personal safety by approaching them. Instead, call 911 and report the activity. 

If you can do so without endangering yourself, please try to get the following information:

Report Illegal Dumping

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Cleaning up an illegal dump site:

Mecklenburg County and it's affiliate partner Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful (KMB) will occasionally partner with a community to eradicate an illegal dumping site. If you want to get involved and clean up a site, Mecklenburg County can offer vouchers for free disposal at one of our Full Service Convenience Centers. Contact us for more information. 

You may also contact the Municipal Partner (governing Town, where applicable) in the following ways:



Contact Name​

Phone Number​

​City of Charlotte​CharMeck 311 ​  Neighborhood & Business Services​​​Call 311
Town of Davidson​​Public Works​Doug Wright​704-940-9625
​Town of Cornelius​Code Enforcement​​Gary Fournier​704-896-2460 ext. 125
​Town of Huntersville​General Planning​--​704-875-7000
​Town of Matthews​Public Works​Carlo McKoy​704-708-1232
​Town of Mint Hill​Town Engineer​Steve Frey​704-545-9726
​Town of Pineville​Public Works​Chip Hill​704-889-7467
​Town of Pineville​Code Enforcement​Aaron Parks​​704-889-2291


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