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1958 and a Bit Beyond
My name is Carol Butler.  I lived on Maryland Avenue in Charlotte until I was twenty years old with my parents, Marion and Charles King, and two sisters, Ann and Katherine.  My parents lived there until their deaths in 1997 and 1999.  In some of the footage you can see the house Mayor, now Governor Pat McCrory, eventually lived in.  My father shot this footage and I decided to put a little music to it and narration.  I have photos of both sets of grandparents who lived in Charlotte also which I plan on sending later on.  My father was a professional engineer and had a photographic darkroom in our basement.  It is because of him that I've had a life long interest in capturing moments on film; color, black and white, slides, video and later became a digital photo artist and retoucher among my many other occupations as professional radio sales executive, artist, podcaster and soon my first e-book, Living Inside-Out will be on Amazon.  They taught me to believe in a dream but more importantly I knew I was loved and it was easily mutual.  It's no wonder many, many years later I live where first love bonded me to water, animals and people in Lake Wylie, SC.

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