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​From Nashville to Mecklenburg County

​In 2003, I decided to take a leap of faith and move out of my current residence in Nashville, Tennessee, with the plan of going to the following city's in this order: Knoxville, Asheville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chattanooga and if necessary back in Nashville. My car was loaded with clothes, $175.00 cash and a cooler of food (being that it was not long after a big winter storm hit Charlotte).

I began my journey heading up highway 40 going towards Knoxville. When I arrived in Knoxville, wearing a Michigan shirt, there seemed to still be a little sports bitterness of Peyton Manning not winning the Hesiman trophy and with that nugget I headed up the highway. Next stop was Asheville, being that I was shell shocked from watching the movie "Deliverance", I additionally felt this was not going to be where I would consistantly be laying my head and again moved forward.

With all this forward moving, I failed to notice I was low on gasoline. Within the hour and a half approximately 30 miles outside of Charlotte, my gas light came on. Stopping at the first gas station in Charlotte city limits, I looked around, like what I saw and the warm fuzzy feeling the city seemed to have and I decided I would make Charlotte my home. I did not know the zip code, area code and not at all was familiar with the city. I then purchased a book on the "History of Mecklenburg County", purchased a room in hotel with the little money I had left and became a Mecklenburg County resident.


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