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2002 News from Mecklenburg County
May 30, 2002


Charlotte, NC - The face of AIDS is changing. It is no longer a disease exclusive to the gay and drug using community. The number of heterosexual citizens in Mecklenburg County testing positive for HIV is growing. In fact, 60% of the clients counseled at Metrolina AIDS Project are women who contracted HIV through heterosexual contact.

That is why the Mecklenburg County Health Department, Metrolina AIDS Project, Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium, Cabarrus Health Alliance and other partners are teaming up for National HIV Testing Day on Thursday, June 27, 2002. Throughout the day, clinics across Mecklenburg County will offer free testing for HIV and syphilis. Several events are scheduled to kick off National HIV Testing Day:

· News conference

-Wednesday, June 26, 3:00pm, NW Health Department, 2845 Beatties Ford Road.

· Variety show

-Wednesday, June 26, 7:00pm, 1 University Park Baptist Church, 2348 Keller Avenue

(off Beatties Ford Rd.)

· WPEG's Breakfast Brothers Broadcast

-Thursday, June 27, 6:00am-10:00am, CMC's Northpark Medical Center, 251 Eastway Drive

Free and confidential testing will take place on Thursday, June 27, at the following Mecklenburg County locations and times:

NW Health Department 2845 Beatties Ford Road 8-11:30am & 1-4pm
SE Health Department 249 Billingsley Road 10am-1:30pm & 3-6pm
CMC's Northpark Medical Center 251 Eastway Drive 8am - 4pm
Community Health Services 1401 East Seventh Street 5pm - 8pm
1 University Park Baptist Church 2348 Keller Avenue 11am-2pm & 4-8pm

Testing will take place at the following Cabarrus County locations, dates and times:

Fishertown Parish Nurse Office 5809 Charlie Walker Rd. Wed. June 26, 3-6pm
Logan Resource Center 298 Lincoln Street Wed. June 26, 7-9pm
Perdue Farms 862 Harris Street Thurs. June 27, 3-6pm
Night Shelter 216 Patterson Ave, Concord Thurs. June 27, 7-9pm

The Mecklenburg County Health Department is teaming up with the Metrolina AIDS Project, the Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium, Present Day Cares, Inc. and the Cabarrus Health Alliance to offer free testing in the Mecklenburg County area. Citizens are urged to "take the test and take control," especially if they have ever had any other sexually transmitted disease.

Reverend Gwen Curry is director of Present Day Cares, Inc. and counsels those at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS. "More than 450,000 people in the United States are positive and don't know it," says Reverend Curry. "Everyone needs to know their status, and this is a shot in the arm in terms of awareness." For more information about sexually transmitted diseases in Mecklenburg County, check the Web site .

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