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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

April 18, 2001


  Call 704-432-0001 to volunteer for 12-month program

  Charlotte, NC – Thousands of children leave school each day with lots of time on their hands and little to do.  The Mecklenburg County AmeriCorps Project is recruiting volunteers who would like to change that – and change a few lives at the same time.  The AmeriCorps Project needs 20 members who will commit to 12 months of making a difference in the lives of Mecklenburg County youth.

AmeriCorps is the domestic Peace Corps that teaches children to read, builds affordable housing, cleans streams and assists with other vital community needs.  AmeriCorps members work after school in Mecklenburg County recreation centers with children from kindergarten through 5 th grade.  They lead activities in computer skills, gardening, science, health and a host of other subjects tailored to each child’s age and grade level.  Anyone interested in volunteering can call the Mecklenburg County AmeriCorps Project at 704-432-0001 or check the Web site for more information.  

Each full-time AmeriCorps member must make a 12-month commitment, for which he or she will receive a $10,000 stipend.  At the end of the term, each member will receive an education voucher from the federal government worth $4,725 toward tuition or student loans.  To be considered for the Mecklenburg County AmeriCorps Project, a candidate must: 

·                     Possess a high school diploma or GED.
·               Be 18 years or older.
·               Commit to 12 months of service. 

All new members are trained to teach the curriculum.  They are also trained as Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, in hopes of involving children and their families in community gardening and beautification projects. 

Each AmeriCorps volunteer is allowed two terms of service.  The Mecklenburg County Cooperative Extension Service and the Park and Recreation Department jointly sponsor the Mecklenburg County AmeriCorps Project.        


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