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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

May 29, 2002

July 1, 2002: DEADLINE


Charlotte, NC – There are more than 30,000 businesses in Mecklenburg County and most are required to have a local business license, also known as a “privilege license.”  All business licenses in Mecklenburg County expire on June 30, 2002.  On May 28, the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector will mail renewal notices to these businesses, which need to be returned on or before July 1, 2002, to avoid penalties.


Any business operating in Mecklenburg County may be required to obtain a business license.  That includes businesses that are home based, sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability corporations, corporations, full-time or part-time.  Fees vary depending on the type and size of the business.  In most cases, the license tax is based on past gross sales (or estimated sales for new businesses): $0.60 per $1,000 of gross sales, with a minimum tax of $50 and a maximum of $2,000.   


The Tax Collector urges any business operating without a license to contact the Mecklenburg County Business Tax Collection Division immediately.  Staffers are prepared to walk business owners through the process of obtaining a license to insure that they are compliant with all tax laws and ordinances.  The renewal notices will also remind business owners of a new Mecklenburg County ordinance requiring many businesses to recycle.

Any business owner with questions about a business license can call 704-336-6315 or visit the Business Tax Collection Division at the Hal Marshall County Services Center, 700 North Tryon Street in Charlotte. More information on the privilege license tax can be found online at   

Business License Contact Information


Local Business License 704-336-6315

Zoning Division 704-336-3569

Environmental Health (sanitation permit) 704-336-5100

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ABC permit) 704-342-6322



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