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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

September 25, 2002


Charlotte, NC—The Mecklenburg County Health Department gets a head start on the 2002 flu season.   With no manufacturer's delay, the Health Department is able to schedule flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics three weeks earlier than last year.  

People 65 and older or those with chronic illnesses are encouraged to get the vaccination early in order to ensure they develop a level of resistance before flu season takes hold.   Healthy adults are asked to wait until later in the season in order to allow those at highest risk to get the shots first.  

The Health Department also has vaccination stock for children at risk of developing complications from the flu.  There is no charge for the flu or pneumonia shots for these children.  For others, there is a $15 charge for the flu shot and a $20 charge for the pneumonia shot. 

Vaccination clinics will be from 8:30am to 4:00pm at the Health Department's Beatties Ford Road campus on Mondays in October, and on Tuesdays in October at the Health Department's campus on Billingsley Road.  Below are the specific dates and addresses for the clinics. 

       2845 Beatties Ford Road                                249 Billingsley Road
           8:30am - 4:00pm                                           8:30am - 4:00pm
           Monday, Oct. 7                                                 Tuesday, Oct. 8
           Monday, Oct. 14                                               Tuesday, Oct. 15
           Monday, Oct. 21                                               Tuesday, Oct. 22
           Monday, Oct. 28                                               Tuesday, Oct. 29

There is no charge for patients with Medicaid or Medicare 'B' coverage.   Medicaid and Medicare patients are reminded to bring their insurance cards. 

Last year, the Health Department gave nearly 9,000 vaccinations and expects to do the same this year.  This year's vaccine formula is identical to last year's according to the CDC, since healthcare professionals are expecting infections from the same strain of influenza viruses as last season.  

Readers, listeners and viewers can be directed to the Health Department's Flu Clinic Information Hotline at 704-336-4667 for recorded information in English and Spanish about dates, times, locations and costs for the vaccination clinics.

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