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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

November 27, 2002


Charlotte, NC – As shoppers and retailers prepare for the busiest shopping day of the year, it's a great opportunity for Mecklenburg County residents to save money and save the environment.  Purchase gifts that don't create trash.  It's called WASTE REDUCTION, or reducing the amount of trash BEFORE it's generated. 

The holidays are prime season for generating trash.  For example, about 40,000 miles of ribbon is thrown away each year during the holiday season – enough to tie a bow around the world.  Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Management offers gift ideas that will reduce the amount of trash going out to the curb and into the landfills.  They could also save shoppers time and energy, by reducing the number of trips to the shopping center.

1. Gift certificate.  That way, you know the gift will be kept.2. Make gifts like a home-cooked meal or baked goodies.3. Non-material gifts, like tickets to a sporting event, concert, movie or play.4. Make a charitable donation in someone's name.5. Free babysitting service.6. A refurbished family heirloom or keepsake, like a rocking chair, bicycle or jewelry.7. Recycling gear, like a compost bin or can crusher.8. Energy saving light bulbs.9. Think durable gifts with long-term warranties.10. Look for gifts that are unpackaged or minimally packaged, without unnecessary plastic or cardboard.

Did you know… 82 percent of Americans would rather receive a photo album of times shared growing up than a store-bought gift? (Center for New American Dream-commissioned Holiday Poll, November 1998)

For more information on recycling and waste reduction in Mecklenburg County, check the Web site

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