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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

July 15, 2002


Charlotte, NC – AIR, LAND, WATER .  All play a huge role in the vitality and livability of Mecklenburg County, yet in the past all were governed and regulated by a variety of County departments and agencies.  After recent reorganization, services impacting air quality, water cleanliness, and land development are now under one Mecklenburg County roof – Land Use and Environmental Services Agency or LUESA. 

The Land Use and Environmental Services Agency provides a wide variety of services, all aimed at contributing to the exceptional quality of life in Mecklenburg County.  That is achieved by increasing collaboration between the environmental sector and the business community and encouraging them to work together to develop guidelines for air, water and land quality.   LUESA's services include: 

·                        Air Quality: permitting, enforcement, BREATHE, transportation issues.

·                        Water & Land Resources: water quality, storm water services, land development, zoning, wells, septic tanks.

·                        Environmental Health: restaurant inspections, swimming pools, pest management, tattoo parlors.

·                        Solid Waste: landfill operations, recycling, waste reduction, litter.

·                        Code Enforcement: building inspections, building permits, plan review, fire marshal.

·                        Property Assessment & Land Records: land/tax records management, property assessment, GIS  

Having these services organized under one umbrella agency is expected to increase the quality of customer service and allow County administrators to consider both environmental and business concerns when making decisions.  "The two are not mutually exclusive," says Cary Saul, director of LUESA.  "For Mecklenburg County to be an attractive place to live or work, you have to have a robust economy and a healthy, livable environment.  The two go hand in hand." 

The mission of Land Use and Environmental Services is to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life through environmental stewardship and economic vitality.  LUESA has 560 employees and a budget of more than $50 million. 

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