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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

December 30, 2002


Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County will receive Christmas trees at its four yard waste facilities, even as staff members work to dispose of the massive amounts of debris from the recent ice storm.  The trees and other yard debris will be ground into mulch for re-sale.  There will be no charge for Mecklenburg County residents to drop off their Christmas tree.

Here is a checklist to make it easier to recycle the trees:

· Remove decorations: It is important to remove all decorations and excess tinsel from the branches of the Christmas tree.  Tinsel can clog the grinders and get mixed in the mulch.

· Leave at curb: Residents inside the city limits of Charlotte and the County's six other towns can leave their tree by the curb with their yard waste for pick-up OR:

· Deliver to recycling center: Residents outside city limits can take their tree to one of Mecklenburg County's four full-service recycling centers.  Each car is allowed to drop off one tree at no charge.

Compost Central Mulch and Composting Facility, 5631 West Boulevard, 704-588-9070
North Mecklenburg Yard Waste Facility, 12300 North Statesville Road, 704-875-1563
Hickory Grove Yard Waste Facility, 8007 Pence Road, 704-535-3020
Foxhole Yard Waste Facility, 17131 Lancaster Highway, 704-341-4962

· Purchase mulch: The trees and other yard waste are ground into mulch and offered for sale. For more information on purchasing mulch or compost, call Compost Central at 704-588-9070 or check

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