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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

November 26, 2002


Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County homeowners should not be alarmed if they happen to see a photographer snapping a picture of their property.  It is part of the County's project to post digital pictures of all properties online and document new construction projects.  The "video imaging" will resume December 3, with staffers traveling around the County, recording images of 2001 construction projects.

Pictures of many Mecklenburg County single-family homes are already available online at  Click on "Real Estate Property Tax Assessment" to look up real estate and access the digital image of the property.

Beginning December 3, contractors from Mobile Video Services, Inc. will photograph residential and commercial properties on an ongoing basis.  Images are taken using a digital camera mounted inside a white van marked Mecklenburg County Video Imaging Project.  A phone number for residents with questions will also be displayed.

The camera will be operated from inside the vehicle and will not require interface with individual properties.  The images will be taken only of the outside of structures from the front street side of the properties.  The drivers will also carry identification.

The video imaging is an ongoing project conducted by Mecklenburg County Property Assessment and Land Records Management.  The goal is to eventually possess a digital image of every residence and business in Mecklenburg County, which will improve the County's property appraisal process and real estate records system. The visual property records also help homeowners and businesses in substantiating insurance losses.

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