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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

September 3, 2002

Mecklenburg County Begins Process for Revaluation in 2003 

Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, September 4, Mecklenburg County taxpayers will have the first of many opportunities to learn about revaluation and how it might affect their property taxes.  A special section will be published in The Charlotte Observer to educate taxpayers about revaluation and why it's important to them. 

Property owners are encouraged to read the publication to familiarize themselves with the process.  Anyone with questions can call the Tax Customer Service Center at 704-336-4600. 

Mecklenburg County's Office of Property Assessment and Land Records Management is currently analyzing all property in the County, readjusting values for tax purposes.  It's called revaluation, a process that will no doubt affect every home, business and property owner in the County.   The new values will take effect in the 2003 tax billing. 

Mecklenburg County last conducted revaluation in 1998, which means property taxes are currently based on values more than four years old.  Considering that Charlotte-Mecklenburg is one of the more active real estate markets in the nation, real estate values have changed significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood since then.  Recognizing this, the Board of County Commissioners voted to reassess property as of January 1, 2003, to obtain better equity between neighborhoods.  North Carolina law dictates that revaluation must be conducted at least every eight years. 

The Office of Property Assessment and Land Records Management will also conduct a series of public meetings, where citizens can ask questions, read publications and watch a video that explains revaluation.  The public meetings will take place through October and November at various branch libraries and town halls around Mecklenburg County.

Additional Information about Revaluation

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