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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

September 24, 2002

Charlotte, NC – A major step in the development of the 12.5-mile long Little Sugar Creek Greenway is underway.  It includes the "uncapping" of a portion of Little Sugar Creek near South Kings Drive and the demolition of the old Charlotte Town Manor assisted living facility.   

A ceremony to mark this major step forward is scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2002, at 10 a.m.  It will take place on the Charlotte Town Manor property at 600 South Kings Drive.  Leaders from the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, the Park and Recreation Department and neighborhood groups have been invited to participate. 

Since it is a demolition site, hard hats will be provided to all participants.  The uncapping of this portion of the creek is one step of many along the South Kings Drive corridor, where property acquisition for the Little Sugar Creek greenway is underway.  

The Charlotte Town Manor building is 48,591 square feet and was built in 1968 as a Ramada Inn.  Several hundred yards of the Little Sugar Creek was capped with concrete and asphalt, to create parking for various retail establishments, including the hotel and Charlottetown Mall, now Midtown Square.  The capping occurred during an era when knowledge of stream environments and habitats was limited.  But over the years, as technology has improved and knowledge has increased, streams like the Little Sugar Creek are recognized as living, breathing and evolving ecosystems, rather than big drainage ditches.   

The Little Sugar Creek Greenway has the potential to become a defining landmark in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  The greenway will eventually cut a swath of green from Cordelia Park in north Charlotte to the South Carolina border.  It will allow walkers, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, etc., to travel up and down the banks of Little Sugar Creek, enjoying everything that nature has to offer.  It will also provide a sanctuary for the many species of wildlife that call Mecklenburg County home. 

For additional information on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, citizens can call 704-336-8466 or check the Web site  

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