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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

November 13, 2002


Training Graduates Can Make $9.00/hour or More

Charlotte, NC - There are dozens of customer service call centers in Mecklenburg County, as well as many other opportunities for employment in the field.  The Mecklenburg County Women's Commission is offering FREE TRAINING in the customer service industry and job placement for residents who qualify.  In a matter of weeks, graduates can be working in a customer service center for a bank, insurance company, or telecommunications business.

Citizens are invited to register now for the training by calling 704-336-4309.  It will be held December 9 - 13, at the Hal Marshall County Services Center, 700 North Tryon Street, Charlotte.  

The program is free to individuals who qualify as "displaced homemakers."  That includes single mothers or women who have been displaced from the home through divorce or other circumstances.  Men are also welcome to attend the training, but they must qualify as displaced homemakers.  Participants must also display basic office skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Windows and the ability to type 25 words per minute or more. The Women's Commission offers training in these skills prior to the customer service program.

Call centers in the Charlotte area serve industries ranging from insurance, telecommunications, banking and marketing, etc.  Many offer entry-level positions with starting wages of $9.00/hour or more. Women's Commission seminars offer training in specific communication skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques.  The Women's Commission will assist graduates with job placement in customer service call centers.

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