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Recycle those old telephone books

New phone books are being distributed and Mecklenburg County encourages everyone to recycle the old ones.

August 5, 2003


Charlotte, NC - BellSouth is distributing the new 2004 telephone directories through October 6, and Mecklenburg County wants to keep the old books out of the landfills. Both the white and yellow pages are completely recyclable, and Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Management encourages all residents and businesses to recycle the 2003 books.

BellSouth distributed more than one million telephone books last year, both white and yellow pages. That adds up to just over 1,000 tons of recyclable paper.

FOR RESIDENTS: Place your old telephone books into your recycling bin with other mixed paper, cardboard, etc. for pick-up on your regular collection day.  Residents can also deliver old telephone books to one of Mecklenburg County's full-service or self-service recycling drop centers.  See or call 704-336-5359 for the center closest to you.

FOR BUSINESSES: Since businesses use thousands of telephone books every year, they are encouraged to collect old books from employees and recycle them.  Businesses can call their regular recycling hauler to make arrangements for pick-up or call 704-509-5151 for information about dropping old books off.

Recycling old directories is essential to saving energy, conserving natural resources and lengthening the life of Mecklenburg County landfills.   The old directories are recycled into new telephone books, mixed paper, colored paper, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, grocery bags, phone bill envelopes and insulation.

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