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2003 News from Mecklenbrg County

June 13, 2003

Charlotte, NC - The first of several community meetings is scheduled to receive input on the renaming of the I-85 Service Road segments. The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are working with residents, property and business owners to develop distinct names for the individual segments of I-85 Service Road.  The renaming is an effort to improve emergency response, delivery service and the school assignment process along the corridor. It is taking place in six phases - five within the City limits, one in the unincorporated County.

Phase One encompasses residents, property and business owners along I-85 Service Road from University City Boulevard to North Graham Street.  The community meeting for Phase One is scheduled:

· Monday, June 23, 2003
· 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
· Ramada Inn, 5301 I-85 Service Road, Charlotte

Interstate 85 Service Road is actually 17 separate road segments - all named the same, with the North and South designation changing at the Glenwood Drive exit. That's why emergency responders, the postal service, delivery companies, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and others often have difficulty finding some addresses. The problem is especially acute for police, fire and EMS responders.  Since there are two road segments with the same name, the chance of an emergency crew getting dispatched to the wrong address is greater.

The City and County have determined that the best and permanent solution is to rename each segment with a unique street name. Representatives from Police, Fire, Medic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte Department of Transportation, Engineering and Property Management, and Mecklenburg County Addressing will be available at the community meeting to answer questions. Additional meetings will be scheduled for future phases.

The City and County are committed to making the change as painless as possible for businesses and property owners. The new addresses will be reported to all emergency services, U.S. Postal Service, and utility companies. The six phases will take place during a 1 ½ -year period to allow business and property owners to adjust to the new street name - signage, stationary, business cards, etc.

Any citizen with questions can call the Charlotte Department of Transportation's Public Service Division at 704-336-2261.

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