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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

September 12, 2003


Charlotte, NC - Starting Monday, September 15th the Mecklenburg County Health Department Tuberculosis Control (TB) and Refugee Health Services will move to the Northwest Health Department at 2845 Beatties Ford Road.  The clinics were previously located at Carolinas Medical Center's Northpark location and have moved to better meet the needs of the community.

The Refugee Clinic serves people who have been processed by the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization having been granted status as a Refugee, parolee or Asylee and are relocating to Mecklenburg County.  The clinic offers services such as health exams, referrals for follow-up medical care, communicable disease screening, and immunizations as needed.

The Refugee Clinic served 401 refugees from July 2001 to June 2002, and since June 2002 420 refugees have been served.

The TB Clinic serves people who have been diagnosed with TB or need skin tests to screen for TB.  The clinic offers TB skin tests, chest x-rays, and treatment services for TB disease and infection.

From July 2001 to June 2002 the TB clinic treated 75 residents for TB Disease and treated 680 cases for TB prevention.  Since June 2002, the TB clinic has served 123 people with TB and treated 766 for TB prevention.

"We have served the people in our community who are refugees from other countries or those who think they might have TB for many years," said Lou Cook, Clinical Nurse Supervisor.  "We want to make sure that the community knows about our move and that the people who come to the Health Department for our services can come straight to the clinic, and bypass the registration desk, thereby breaking down barriers to their good health."

The TB and Refugee Clinics are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  For more information or appointment, people can call the clinic staff at 704-432-2690.

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