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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

March 12, 2003


Charlotte, N.C. -Increasing service value through technology-that's the mission of Mecklenburg County Government's newest manager.

After 17 years as a senior manager in the County's Park and Recreation Department, Brian Cox will become the E-Government/Customer Service Manager on April 2.

"Brian brings to this new position a unique combination of business skills, innovation, leadership, commitment to continuous improvement and knowledge of Mecklenburg County government," said John McGillicuddy, General Manager for Strategic Organizational Improvement.  "We're pleased to find within our organization the right person to help drive improvement our customers and stakeholders expect."

The position will provide executive oversight for the County's Internet Content Management and Design, and identify and prioritize e-government applications development to increase service value. In addition, Cox will provide leadership in cooperation with the City of Charlotte in the governance of the City/County Internet site, He will also work in partnership with the County's Budget Director and Planning & Evaluation Director and the County's IST Department in strategic organizational improvement projects.

Cox was most recently a general manager with Park and Recreation, overseeing a park district with 27 facilities and 49 permanent or part-time staff. He came to Mecklenburg County in 1986 as Coordinator of Public Information and Special Events.

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