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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

October 3, 2003


Charlotte, NC - On Monday, October 6, the Mecklenburg County Health Department begins a month-long series of flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics. There is no delay or shortage of either vaccine, so there are no restrictions on who may attend these clinics. The vaccinations will be available Mondays on the Health Department's northwest campus at 2845 Beatties Ford Road, and Tuesdays on the Health Department's southeast campus at 249 Billingsley Road.

The flu shot costs $20 dollars and the pneumonia shot costs $25 dollars. This is a $5 increase from last year. There is no charge for patients with Medicaid or Medicare 'B' coverage. Medicaid and Medicare patients are reminded to bring their insurance cards to the vaccination clinics.

People 65 and older or those with chronic illnesses are encouraged to get the vaccination early in order to insure they develop a level of resistance before flu season takes hold. If they wish, healthy adults may wait until later in the season in order to allow those at highest risk to get the shots first.

Complete clinic dates, times and locations are as follows:

Mondays in October: Oct 6th,13th 20th,27th 8:30 to 4pm @ Health Department's NW campus 2845 Beatties Ford Road.

Tuesdays in October: Oct. 7th,14th,21st,28th 8:30 to 4 pm @ Health Department's SE campus 249 Billingsley Road.

Research in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that even people most at risk for complications from the flu and pneumonia - the elderly and those with chronic respiratory disease - are not getting annual flu shots. That's unfortunate news, since this very effective vaccination can prevent thousands of deaths and hospital visits every year.

In the last few years alone, as the number of flu shots given by the Mecklenburg County Health Department has increased, the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia have decreased. The Health Department gave about 10,000 vaccinations last year.

For recorded information, please direct your audience to call the Mecklenburg County Health Department's Flu Clinic Information Hotline at 704-336-4667.

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