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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

December 18, 2003


Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County Health Department clinic nurses have administered the last of the current supply of flu vaccine.

The limited supply of vaccine remaining from Monday's offering was exhausted by those in line at the Health Department this morning.  This vaccination availability was only for those at highest risk for developing complications from the flu.  This includes children between the ages of 6 months and 23 months, anyone over two years of age with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women in their second and third trimester, seniors over 65 years of age. 

The Health Department expects to receive a limited amount of FluMist, a live vaccine administered as a nasal spray.  This alternative vaccine is for healthy individuals between the ages of 5 and 49 years.  FluMist will be $40 through the Health Department.

There also may be additional injectable vaccine delivered to the Mecklenburg County Health Department from the State within the next several weeks.  The public may be directed to the Health Department's Flu Clinic Information Hotline at 704-336-4667 for details on these additional vaccination opportunities.

General good health habits can also prevent the flu and other illnesses.  Practice frequent and thorough hand washing, avoiding crowded places and close contact, not touching your eyes, mouth and nose, and staying home from school or work when you are sick.  Proper sleep and diet are also essential in maintaining good health.

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