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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

October 23, 2003


Charlotte, N.C. As Substance Abuse Awareness Month comes to an end, the Mecklenburg County Health Department Fighting Back Program plans a full day of family health and fun activities.

The REACH 2010 Health Festival will be held on the campus of the Northwest Health Department at 2845 Beatties Ford Road from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 25, 2003.  This community event offers Mecklenburg County residents an opportunity to participate in activities aimed at improving community health and reducing the demand for alcohol and other drugs. The African-American and Latino communities are specifically targeted in an effort to gauge community awareness and concerns related to specific health issues that affect these targeted populations.

"This community event brings the Fighting Back Program and other County agencies and private service providers together in one venue so that residents can get information and learn about the various programs that work to improve health and reduce substance abuse, cardiovascular disease and diabetes," says Executive Director Winona Chestnut.  "The Health Festival also allows residents to come together in a safe and healthy family environment for a day of fun and wholesome activities."

The Health Festival features a variety of entertaining and fun activities to encourage participation and educate at the same time.  Examples include safety demonstrations, health screenings (mammograms, blood pressure checks, bone marrow screenings, WIC registration and confidential HIV/AIDS testing), community health services information, child fingerprinting, clowns and face painting, children's funhouse, choirs, musicians and other entertainment for adults and youth of all ages.  All activities and events are free.

The Health Festival is also the culmination of the Neighborhood Farmers' Market for 2003.  The market, which brings fresh fruit and vegetables and free heart health information to the northwest corridor neighborhoods, will re-open in Spring 2004. County residents are also encouraged to complete a community health survey to be registered for a special prize drawing.

Additional information about the Fighting Back REACH 2010 Health Festival.

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