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2002 News from Mecklenburg County
April 10, 2002


Charlotte, NC – For the first time, Mecklenburg County's Wipe Out Waste Program named two Charlotte businesses "Recycler of the Year" at today's Business Recognition Luncheon. UNC-Charlotte and Frito Lay Charlotte picked up the event's highest award for their innovative approach to waste disposal, commitment to business recycling and for being mentors to other companies launching recycling programs.

 About the winners:

UNC-Charlotte - a model of environmental leadership - recycles more than 30 different items on campus. Here are some examples of items they recycled in 2001:

*5,080 pounds of aluminum

* 2,389 pounds of batteries

* 695,880 pounds of cardboard

* 24,850 pounds of cooking oil

* 650 pounds of videotapes

* 261 pounds of six-pack rings

* 15,167 pounds of scrap metal

 Frito-Lay Charlotte was honored for its dynamic people-based environmental program recognized as being the best in the industry. "The Green Team," comprised of 48 employees, works with the site employees and management to improve the efficiency of incoming raw materials, energy usage, water and other resources.

Here are just a few examples of Frito-Lay efforts to reduce waste.

* Installation of additional packaging machines and conveyor systems in the Tortilla chip lines improved efficiency and reduced waste. This project has already realized a full 2 % waste reduction allowing the site to save $128,000.

* In addition to the "Green Team," Frito-Lay has started a "Waste Hot Team" to analyze and develop action plans to reduce finished waste. Since establishing the Waste Hot Team, Frito-Lay has seen a 1% reduction in site finished waste. Based on this trend Frito-Lay expect to save as much as $405,480 this year.   

Other winners honored today:

Celgard, Inc. – New Waste Minimization Program

Duke Energy – Closed Loop Recycling

Wachovia/First Union, Carrier Corporation – Environmental Responsibility

TeamTreadway – Public Outreach

Portrait Homes Construction Company – Outstanding Residential Construction Recycling

Bovis Lend Lease – Outstanding Commercial Construction Recycling

The Linda Construction Company – Outstanding Demolition Recycling Program

 There are more than 90 companies enrolled in the Business Recognition Program. Members must make a three-year commitment to practice waste reduction, carry on at least one recycling activity and purchase at least one recycled product. The group also has 13 mentor firms that commit to recruiting new companies and to helping other businesses start new programs.

 Information about the Business Recognition Program is available at

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