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2003 News from Mecklenburg County

March 28, 2003


Tax and Real Estate Data Available at www.4CITIZENHELP.COM

Charlotte, NC - More than 90-percent of property owners in Mecklenburg County should have received their new assessed values by now. But some property owners may observe that they have not received their notice or the assessed value on their notice is not complete. During the next several months, Mecklenburg County Property Assessment & Land Records Management will be mailing final or revised notices to these property owners.

Some of these properties include:

· New construction: Construction performed during 2002, including new homes, improvements, additions, outbuildings, etc. These property owners may have received a notice of their new 2003 property value, excluding the new construction. The value of the new construction will be included in a revised notice to be mailed during the next few months.

· Late transfer: If the property was bought or sold in late 2002, the notice could be delayed.

· Property split: Property owners who bought, sold or subdivided a portion of a parcel in 2002.

· Historic property: Assessment notices for properties designated historic may be delayed.

· Inaccurate address: In some cases, the mailing address for a property owner may be inaccurate. While the County makes every effort to contact such property owners, some may not receive their assessment.

Property owners who receive their final or revised assessment notice will still have the right to appeal their assessment. Appeal instructions will be provided on the assessment notice. Owners are asked to explain why their property is not worth the stated assessed value.

Tax and real estate data is available through the Web site . Property owners with questions about their new assessed value can call 704-336-4600.

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