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2002 News from Mecklenburg County

April 4, 2002


Charlotte, NC - As part of its commitment to increasing access to quality healthcare in the under-served community, the Mecklenburg County Health Department is co-sponsoring free health screenings Saturday, April 6.

The Health Department and its Partners in Eliminating Health Disparities - the Charlotte Medical Society and the New Life Fellowship Church - will host Saturday's "Health and Wellness Screening Day" on the church property at 1337 Samuel Street in Charlotte from 12:00pm - 3:00pm.

Participants can get free screenings for diabetes, have their cholesterol and blood pressure checked, receive confidential syphilis and HIV testing, cancer education and nutrition and fitness information.  

Mortality and disease rates for citizens in Mecklenburg County indicate that non-whites will die and experience major disease at higher rates than whites.  The Mecklenburg County Health Department's goal is to provide leadership to strengthen the capacity for eliminating health disparities through identification, education, collaboration and partnerships.

In January 2000, Mecklenburg County Health Director Peter Safir began to lay the foundation for the Department to make a stronger and more unified commitment to addressing health disparities in the county's minority populations.  He hired Cheryl Emanuel as Community Health Administrator to lead these efforts.  

In August of that same year, the Health Department took the lead in conducting a series of "Community Think Tank Dialogues."  These dialogues brought together partners from various sectors of the community, including representatives from healthcare, business, minority affairs advocates, faith communities and the private sector to assess the community's ability and willingness to tackle the issues surrounding health disparities.  

This Saturday's "Health and Wellness Screening Day" is a result of just some of the work from these Partners in Eliminating Health Disparities.

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