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"The Mecklenburgers" debuts at 8 PM, October 27 on WTVI.

An all-new County "info-comedy" show starring Suzanne Stevens and Bob Raiford premiers Wednesday, October 27 at 8pm on WTVI.

Government TV Can Be Fun!

October 20, 2004

Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County government TV is about to change forever with the premiere of The Mecklenburgers at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 27 on WTVI.

The Mecklenburgers is a 30-minute "info-comedy" following the actions and antics of a TV cast and crew as they produce a show about a fictional family in Mecklenburg County. The goal is to create a show with characters that people can identify with so they can see how Mecklenburg County influences their lives and the community.

"We've done award-winning news-style shows, talk shows, and documentaries, but frankly people haven't watched these shows regularly," said County General Manager John McGillicuddy. "As a result, we've developed a show that people will want to watch, and hopefully learn about important issues that have an impact."

The Mecklenburgers features an ensemble cast including two of Charlotte's most well-known personalities - former WSOC-TV news anchor Suzanne Stevens and WRFX radio commentator/curmudgeon-at-large, Robert D. Raiford.

The Mecklenburgers will have a five-week inaugural season, airing every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on WTVI, from October 27 - November 24. Episodes also will be rerun every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. during that same period.

The first episode introduces the characters comprising the cast and crew as they encounter challenges in producing an informative yet entertaining show about HIV/AIDS and syphilis. Future episodes will concentrate on topics such as recreation, history, literacy, and environment.

The Mecklenburgers is a joint production of WTVI and Mecklenburg County government. A sneak preview and the show's original theme song can be found at .

Underwriting for the show's current and future seasons is underway, with Showmars Restaurant already signed on, introducing a "Mecklenburger" sandwich to the menu of its uptown locations.

For additional information please contact Danny Diehl (O) 704-336-2084 (M) 704-572-1035 or  or Heather Cummings (O) 704-371-8839 or .

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