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Protect Your Pipes in Cold Weather
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department has some tips to protect your pipes from freezing this winter.

Protect plumbing from frigid weather

CHARLOTTE – With temperatures predicted as low as the teens or low 20’s this coming weekend, here are some ways customers can protect their own plumbing at their home or business:

  • Keep pipes thawed in unheated areas. Seal openings and air leaks in your crawl space or basement. Use cardboard, plastic or newspaper to seal air vents if necessary.
  • Make sure your meter box lid is properly in place to keep cold air from freezing water inside the meter. If your meter cover is broken or missing, contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities at 704.336.2564.
  • Insulate pipes in unheated parts of your home, and save on energy costs by insulating your hot water heater. Insulation materials are available at your local hardware.
  • Locate your master shut-off valve now in case you experience a burst pipe later and need to cut off your water in a hurry.
  • Make sure garden hoses are disconnected and drained, and outside spigots are off and insulated. If you own a backflow prevention assembly, contact Utilities backflow staff at 704.399.2426 for tips on properly winterizing your system.
  • Finally, turn off automatic lawn sprinkler systems if you have one! Some customers choose to run sprinkler systems year-round. Freezing temperatures and misdirected or unmonitored irrigation systems create icy and dangerous pavement puddles for sidewalk pedestrians and motorists. If you absolutely must irrigate your lawn this time of year, do so during daylight hours when temperatures are well above freezing.

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