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New Mecklenburgers Episodes
Two all new episodes of the info-comedy "The Mecklenburgers" are set to air

Charlotte, NC - The Mecklenburgers are back, ready to learn more about County government and what their tax dollars are paying for. The spring 2005 season includes two new episodes featuring information on Ray's Splash Planet and restaurant inspections.

The two new episodes will air:

• May 9 at 8 p.m.: Making a Splash Uptown: The Mecklenburgers slip, slide and splash their way through Ray's Splash Planet trying to find out exactly what young Emma knows about the mystery surrounding Jerry's death. In the process, they learn about all the fun things Mecklenburg County's Park and Recreation Department offers in the Center City.

• May 16 at 8 p.m.: Retro Restaurant Reviews: The Mecklenburgers discover how a retro restaurant uses modern technology to keep food clean and safe. Take a trip down memory lane as Brady remembers the "Good Ole Days."

All episodes will re-run Fridays at 11 p.m.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Mecklenburg County employees, their families, and the cast and crew of the Mecklenburgers will gather at Ray's Splash Planet for a sneak preview on Monday, May 9. The gala will include a red carpet entrance by the stars at 6:15 p.m. with the ever-present "paparazzi" in attendance. Members of the media are invited to join us. Ray's Splash Planet is located in Third Ward at 215 North Sycamore Street (next to Irwin Avenue Open Elementary School).

Repeats of The Mecklenburgers have been airing throughout April and May, featuring topics like sexually transmitted diseases, Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, emergent literacy, and environmental services. The Mecklenburgers is a 30-minute "info-comedy" following the actions and antics of a TV cast and crew as they produce a show about a fictional family in Mecklenburg County. The goal is to create a show with characters that people can identify with so they can see how Mecklenburg County influences their lives and the community. It features an ensemble cast including two of Charlotte's most well-known personalities - former WSOC-TV news anchor Suzanne Stevens and WRFX radio commentator/curmudgeon-at-large, Robert D. Raiford.

The Mecklenburgers is a joint production of WTVI and Mecklenburg County government, and won four Telly Awards in the 2005 national competition. The Mecklenburgers was named Finalist in four film/video categories - comedy, education, entertainment, and information. Visit the show's Web site at

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