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Help a family in need
The County Community Resource Office is looking for people to donate time and gifts at the holidays.
October 26, 2005


Charlotte, NC - A turkey, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce and instant gravy are some Thanksgiving meal staples to include in a box of groceries for a family in need at the holidays. Or, if you like, buy groceries for a Christmas meal, along with gifts for each member of a family who otherwise will go without.

A program that supports sponsorships for the holidays will put interested individuals or groups in touch with a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas (or both holidays) who need help. The annual program is coordinated by the Community Resources Office (CRO) of the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services (DSS).

Interested potential sponsors should call the CRO at 704-336-4809, weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and have their name added to the list. Sponsors and families will be matched for the Thanksgiving holiday by November 10, 2005. For the Christmas holiday, the deadline to turn in the sponsorship form is December 9, 2005. Here’s how the holiday sponsorships work:

Thanksgiving Sponsorship: An individual or group agrees to provide the ingredients for a holiday meal for a family. The sponsor delivers the ingredients to the client’s home. The sponsor can choose a family based on its size, and will have help from a human service professional to work out special dietary needs and the delivery date and time.

Christmas Sponsorship: Provision for a meal is similar to the Thanksgiving holiday, and in addition, the sponsor commits to buying at least one new item of clothing for each child under age 18 living in the home, and one new age-appropriate toy or gift for each person in the home.

Other Giving Opportunities: The CRO hosts a Giving Tree to collect gifts for children and youth in foster care in Mecklenburg County, and one for senior adults. Call the office for information about how to support the Giving Tree holiday efforts.

The CRO serves as a connecting link between generous community donors, human service agencies, and the residents of Mecklenburg County. Group and individual contributions make it possible to assist many who would otherwise fall between the cracks.

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