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Litter Critter - "Let's Roll"
County anti-litter campaign starts to roll with the Litter Critter on the case.
July 29, 2005


Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County’s newest warrior in the war on litter now has a name. "Litter Critter" is the winning submission in "Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful’s" contest to name the trash-battling Beetle.

The Volkswagon Beetle is a new mobile sign carrying the "Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful" message - that citizens should take responsibility for improving their environment. It’s dressed up to keep the fight against roadside trash visible along the highways and byways of Mecklenburg County.

Throughout June, "Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful" conducted the contest to name the VW, with more than 200 entries received. It was announced today that the winning entry, "Litter Critter," was submitted by Melissa Prince of Charlotte. She submitted her entry on the County’s Solid Waste and Recycling Web site Prince won the opportunity to ride in the "Litter Critter" during the 2005 Carolinas Carrousel parade on Thanksgiving Day.

While shopping for a new staff vehicle to be used for litter surveys, site investigations and general field tasks, Mecklenburg County determined the car could be used for multiple purposes - transportation and education. The vehicle will spend several hours a day on the road - a mobile symbol of Mecklenburg County’s commitment to wipe out litter. It will promote Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful, litter prevention programs, and opportunities to volunteer.

Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Its primary focus is the County’s unincorporated areas and towns of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville. The organization conducts an annual litter index and works to engage the community to take greater responsibility for their environment.

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