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Mosquito Trapping Begins
County Health Department begins trapping mosquitos - looking for West Nile Virus.

The Health Department's Mosquito Control program will be setting live mosquito traps.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 3, 2005
3:30 p.m.

WHERE: 2131 Chambwood Drive (Plaza-Midwood neighborhood)

WHY: Dennis Salmen, manager of the Mecklenburg County Health Department’s Mosquito Control program, will set up a mosquito light trap. Dennis will be available for interviews and to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. The trapped mosquitoes will be identified by species and tested to determine if they are carrying disease causing viruses.

Trapping and testing is a normal procedure for the Vector Control staff during mosquito breeding season. However, August and September are generally the busiest months for cases of West Nile virus, and the data retrieved from these specimens can help detect the presence of West Nile and Equine encephalitis.

Anyone with questions or complaints about mosquitoes is asked to call the Mecklenburg County Health Department at 704-336-5101 or log onto the Health Department’s Web site at

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