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Error In Election Procedure
The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections has notified the state about an error at one of the County precincts.

November 14, 2006

Charlotte, NC - The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections has referred an error in Precinct 106 to the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

The error involves votes cast for N.C. State House districts 100 and 104 at McClintock Middle School on Rama Road in Charlotte. Four hundred forty-six voters in Precinct 106 who should have voted in the Paula McSwain/Ruth Samuelson race (district 104) incorrectly voted in the Jim Black/Hal Jordan race (district 100).

The precinct is split between the two districts. Depending on where a voter is registered, a voter at McClintock Middle School should have received a ballot with their appropriate district race. The 446 voters cast ballots with the wrong N.C. House district.

The Board of Elections and elections office staff are investigating how the error occurred. Across 195 precincts countywide, there are more than 2,000 precinct officials on Election Day. Precinct officials are trained to:
1) Mark the voter authorization form with "split district," and indicate on the form which ballot style the voter is to cast.
2) Activate the voting machine with the appropriate ballot style.

In district 100, unofficial results show Jim Black with 5,304 votes to Hal Jordan's 5,297, a seven-vote difference. In district 104, unofficial results show Ruth Samuelson with 14,625 votes to Paula McSwain's 7,186, so the error will not affect that outcome.

The error does not affect any other races on the ballot - only N.C. House 100 and N.C. House 104 in Precinct 106.

Michael Dickerson, director of elections in Mecklenburg County, will notify the N.C. State Board of Elections today, November 14, and request direction. The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the election on Friday, November 17.

Click on or call 704-336-2133 for more information on the 2006 general election.


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