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Make Healthy Choices For Halloween

Halloween treats don't have to be sticky and gooey to be good and good for you.

Charlotte, NC – Halloween is an exciting time for children to dress in costume, spend the evening walking the neighborhood, then coming back home to enjoy bucketfuls of sweet treats. But Halloween treats don't have to be sticky and gooey to be good and good for you.

The Mecklenburg County Health Department and our Fit City for Fit Families program want parents to know there are many alternatives to simply giving candy. With the growing epidemics of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes, many people are looking for more health-conscious ways to enjoy Halloween.

When the goblins, ghosts and witches show up at your door this year, the Health Department recommends the following low-calorie, low-fat options:
· Mini boxes of raisins
· Pretzels
· 100% Juice boxes
· Cheese and cracker packages
· Sugar free gum

You may also want to consider items such as stickers, balloons, pencils, erasers or crayons instead of edible treats.

When the inevitable bags of candy arrive, another tip is to spread the treats out over several days as a substitute for dessert, or limit kids to a few pieces along with a healthy snack. You may also want to make certain that your kids eat a meal or snack before they trick or treat to reduce the temptation to dive into their bags before they get home.

Parents should also make certain to check whatever your kids bring home and discard any items that are already open.

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The Fit City for Families website is funded through a grant from The North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust and the Fit Together Program.

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