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Status Of Veterans Report
Mecklenburg County has released its report on the Status of Veterans Initiative.

April 24, 2007

A report on military veterans and how best Mecklenburg County can provide services to them and their families recommends additional staff, improved technology, increased partnerships, and better transportation options as the most urgent needs.

The Status of Veterans Initiative (SOVI) Report presented to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners on April 24 highlights nine gaps in service for the County's Veterans Services Office, and offers recommendations to address or close those gaps.

In addition to the four urgent service gaps, the report identifies five others: office accessibility, outreach, training, communications and internal workflow as gaps in service.

The report says the County Veterans Services Office improve at informing veterans and their families about its existence and the help they can receive when accessing federal benefits. Mecklenburg's most recent population figures put the number of veterans at 54,307 in 2005. In that year, the Mecklenburg CVSO served 7,345 clients and filed 2,716 claims. In 2006, those numbers increased to 8,189 clients served and 3,565 claims filed, according the to CVSO Director Robert Weeks.

A SOVI Steering Committee of volunteers, along with County staff support, conducted the study and compiled the report at the request of the BOCC at its 2006 Strategic Planning Conference. The steering committee's members included veterans, representatives of veterans associations, and congressional liaisons.

The Status of Veterans Initiative had four purposes:

  • Evaluate current service delivery
  • Identify gaps in service
  • Provide recommendations for eliminating gaps
  • Provide recommendations for outreach plan to veterans in Mecklenburg County

The County  Veterans Services Office is a division of the Mecklenburg County Community Support Services Department. The office serves as a liaison for Mecklenburg County veterans and their families who seek benefits and answers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

View the full Report    or   view the PowerPoint presentation to the Board of County Commissioners.

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