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Lake Wylie Advisory Lifted

A swimming advisory in Withers Cove lifted after sewage spill.

February 12, 2007

The advisory issued for Withers Cove on Lake Wylie has been lifted. The Mecklenburg County Water Quality Program (MCWQP) and the Mecklenburg County Health Department advises that the bacteria danger to swimmers has passed after a sewage spill on January 29.

The advisory was issued for Withers Cove on Lake Wylie near the intersection of Shopton Road West and Westinghouse Boulevard due to sewage discharge to the lake. The "advisory" was issued due to concerns associated with elevated bacteria levels in the cove following the spill.

Water samples collected by MCWQP have revealed that the levels of fecal coliform bacteria are within acceptable levels. Sampling results revealed levels of fecal coliform bacteria less than 100 colonies/100 ml, well within the limits of safe swimming. Levels greater than 200 Colonies/100 ml are considered unsafe for swimming.

Water Quality Program Manager Rusty Rozzelle said the advisory is a standard procedure. "Since Lake Norman is designated recreational waters, it was necessary to close the area because of the potential risk to public health," says Rozzelle.

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