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Mecklenburg County communities are partnering with a national program to increase curbside recycling.
January 23, 2007

Mecklenburg County, along with the City of Charlotte and the Towns of Davidson, Huntersville and Mint Hill, is partnering with a national program to launch a County-wide education program on recycling.

The Aluminum Can Council's Curbside Value Partnership works with communities nationwide to communicate the importance of recycling at the curb. Through education and collaboration, the partnership has the opportunity to reach and engage more than 200,000 households in Mecklenburg County. Many Mecklenburg County residents don't have a recycling bin or even know what is recyclable.

The campaign will work to change that by educating residents and communities through advertising, direct mail, homeowners' associations, and grassroots outreach to underserved neighborhoods. Last year, the Metrolina Recycling Facility took in about 45,000 tons of residential recyclables from Mecklenburg County and 1,500 tons of commercial recyclables.

"The Curbside Value Partnership has worked in communities across the country and we are confident it can help here in Mecklenburg," says Laurette Hall, Mecklenburg County Environmental Manager. "The best part is the CVP program enables us to pool resources and collaborate in one cohesive and integrated campaign. This will help us better engage members of the community in recycling."

Mecklenburg County joins a growing list of CVP communities, an invitation-only program where the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturer's Institiue as well as their funding members, including Alcoa, Anheiser-Busch Metal Container, ARCO, Ball, Novelis and REXAM collaborate with individual communities to help them improve participation rates in local curbside programs.

Created three years ago, the national CVP program is a research-based partnership with communities, haulers, material recovery facilities (MRFs) and other stakeholders to identify solutions to improving curbside recycling programs and address falling recycling rates. CVP wants to increase residential participation in local curbside recycling programs and make curbside programs more profitable and sustainable.

In order to become a CVP partner, a community must already have a strong and stable curbside program in place. They must also have good data to measure recycling volume, value and commodity-mix before and after the campaign so the education program's effectiveness can be measured.

More information about the national Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) is available at .

To learn more about recycling and waste reduction in Mecklenburg County, visit .

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