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The County's Area Mental Health Authority hopes new call center identity will bring more calls, resulting in more people receiving services.

June 22, 2007

Mecklenburg County's Area Mental Health Authority is launching an intensive campaign this summer to raise awareness of the County's public mental health services and reduce the stigma associated with seeking those services.

The campaign will focus on MeckLINK, the new name for the call center. Previously, MeckLINK was known by staff and mental health professionals as STR - Screening, Triage and Referral. But research determined that the term "STR" was not meaningful to most residents, and thus not an effective means to reach new consumers.

The goal of MeckLINK is to position the Area Mental Health Authority as County residents' first stop for public mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability help. The new identity is the result of input from consumers and family representatives, call center staff, community members and mental health professionals. The County received similar feedback from The Area Mental Health Authority Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC).

MeckLINK will continue to offer consumers initial screening, triage and referral services so that they may gain appropriate and timely access to services. The intent is to increase calls, resulting in more people receiving those services. The campaign to promote MeckLINK in the community will include messages on billboards, posters and on the Area Mental Health Authority's Web site.

MeckLINK connects Mecklenburg County residents to a wide variety of support and services for those who need help with mental illness, developmental disability or substance abuse. Those services include:
- Screening and evaluation
- Emergency services
- Case management and in-home support
- Prevention
- Residential treatment
- Specialty treatments
- Vocational support programs
- Skill development
- Residential support
- Respite care

For help and information, contact MeckLINK at  704-336-6404 or toll-free at 1-877-700-3001, or visit or .


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