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The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County remind well users to conserve water.

October 10, 2007

Geological Survey reports October groundwater levels in Mecklenburg County are approaching the levels of the 2002 drought." As a result, local well users again are being asked to conserve water.

Wells draw water from groundwater supplies. The groundwater is recharged by precipitation. Because of the lack of rainfall, groundwater supplies are not being replenished.

"More water is being drawn out of the aquifer than is coming in," says Lisa Corbitt, Program Manager for Mecklenburg County Groundwater & Wastewater Services. While she says the aquifer is not running dry, "people with wells should conserve water." Corbitt adds, "The aquifer is dependent on precipitation for replenishment. As drought conditions continue we may begin to see a noticeable impact to wells that are less than 100 feet deep."

Mecklenburg County Groundwater & Wastewater Services is asking well owners to eliminate lawn watering to reduce the impact of the drought on the aquifer. About 20 percent of Mecklenburg County residents rely on wells for their water. While Corbitt says the County has not received any reports of local drinking water wells running dry, prevention is key.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities echoes this message. Utilities urges well users to follow the same mandatory water restrictions that affect its customers by eliminating lawn watering.

"Well users are especially vulnerable as the drought progresses," said Utilities Water Conservation Manager Maeneen Klein. "We encourage those on wells to be just as vigilant in protecting their water supply as anyone else in the county. Groundwater has its limits, and we all need to work together to withstand this drought."

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