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Business Recycling is the Law
Business recyling is not an option in Mecklenburg County - it's the law. Starting this year, fines will be issued for non-compliance.

January 10, 2008



Charlotte, NC – Mecklenburg County is preparing to take business recycling to another level. New in 2008 for the County's business recycling ordinance is a stronger emphasis on compliance.

The ordinance requiring many businesses to recycle their paper and cardboard went into effect in 2002. Since then, Mecklenburg County has focused on educating businesses about the ordinance, the importance and benefits of recycling and how to go about it starting a program. Applicable businesses who do not participate in a paper and cardboard recycling program will be subject to civil penalties, up $50 a day after a third notice of a violation. The business could be summoned to environmental court for repeat violations.

The business recycling ordinance applies to any business that contracts for 16 cubic yards or more of garbage per week and generates 500 pounds of corrugated cardboard and office paper per month. These businesses must separate corrugated cardboard and office paper for recycling and provide for its collection. Property managers that provide garbage service for businesses are responsible for providing tenants with a cardboard and paper recycling program.

The business recycling ordinance applies to all cities, towns and unincorporated areas in Mecklenburg County, except for the town of Matthews. Approximately 5,000 - 7,000 businesses are affected.

If a business does not fall under the ordinance but still wishes to recycle cardboard and office paper, the County will provide recycling drop-off containers. The County also provides assistance to businesses that wish to start a recycling program.

LEARN MORE: For more information on the business recycling ordinance and potential vendors, visit the or call the Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction Hotline at 704-432-3200.

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