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County Government seeks input from citizen customers in the 2008 Community Survey to be conducted in March and April.

March 7, 2008


 2008 Community Survey:

Charlotte, NC – Mecklenburg County Government will be conducting a telephone survey of County residents to gauge awareness and satisfaction of County programs and services. The 2008 Community Survey will be conducted during the last weeks in March.

The survey is being done by MarketWise, Inc., a Charlotte research firm. Survey calls will be placed to home phone numbers selected at random. Calls will be made in the evening, generally after normal dinner hours and before 9 p.m.  The County's office of Strategic Organizational Improvement encourages residents to participate and express their opinions.

The survey is designed to gather citizens' opinions and awareness on a variety of services provided by the County. The results are used to determine areas in which the County and its departments demonstrate positive results and areas that show opportunities for improvement.

This will be the sixth year that Mecklenburg County will be asking residents about their awareness and satisfaction of the many programs and services offered by their county government.  Results of the 2007 survey show a majority of residents think Mecklenburg County is a good place to live and work. For additional information, the complete 2007 Community Survey is available online at

The survey will be conducted in English and in Spanish as needed. Names of participants and individual answers are confidential.

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