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Creek gets a new look
The Little Sugar Creek restoration project in the heart of the city is looking great and more improvements are on the way.

March 10, 2008 




Charlotte, North Carolina – Charlotte 's most prominent creek is making a new fashion statement: curves. The news media and public are invited to check out Little Sugar Creek's transformation on Wednesday, March 12 at 10:00am at the Charlottetown Avenue Bridge . 


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services added twists and turns to the stream path in the old

Midtown Square
area. The curves, called "meanders," don't simply make the creek look better. They make the stream cleaner and healthier. Little Sugar Creek used to have natural meanders.  Development a half-century ago changed that, straightening the streambed and covering it with parking lots and pavement. The concrete cap was removed last year. Now, the curves return! 


In addition to creating shapely curves along the Metropolitan development, Storm Water Services repaired the bottom of the stream. New shallow, rocky sections add oxygen to the water.  Deeper pools reduce erosion and prevent the water from getting too hot in the summer. The changes create habitats for fish, salamanders, dragonflies and other aquatic life. Along the reshaped stream banks, new grass and plants will filter storm water, reduce water pollution, and hold the soil in place against erosion.  These initiatives combine to make Little Sugar Creek healthier, more attractive, and more like nature intended. 


Stream work—including the curves—is now complete between

Charlottetown Avenue
Baxter Street
. This spring, construction begins on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway along the newly-restored section of the creek. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation will create a paved walking trail. Fountains and a small park will be special features of the Greenway.


Storm Water Services is now restoring the path and banks Little Sugar Creek near CPCC and along

Kings Drive
. Stream work is to finish in 2009 and the Greenway near downtown is to be completed in 2010. Funding comes from Mecklenburg County Land Bonds, Mecklenburg County storm water fees, state grants, and Mecklenburg County property taxes. 


#    #     # 


Contact: Crystal Taylor, Project Manager at 704-336-7342 or Mike Cozza, Park and Recreation at 704-336-7693

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