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Rain Barrels
Here's a great way to conserve on tap water. Order a rain barrel by June 9 and use the water you collect to water your plants and shrubs.

May 23, 2008



Charlotte, NC – Roll out the barrel, and you'll have a barrel of … rain (with Mother Nature's cooperation, of course). Mecklenburg County's summertime rain barrel sale is right around the corner.  

With the rising price of municipal water and ongoing drought restrictions, it just makes sense to start taking advantage of rainwater collection for your garden watering needs. Our 60- and 80-gallon rain barrels represent the modern equivalent of the very ancient art of collecting rainwater for irrigation. The dark green colors of the barrels block the light to reduce algae growth, while a locking lid stops wildlife and pets from entering the barrels, (including mosquitoes).  

To use the rain barrel, simply place it under a shortened downspout (any size) or under a place in your roof where water runs off. A one-inch rainfall over a 1,000-square-foot roof provides more than 600 gallons of water. Each barrel also has an overflow valve that can be attached to a garden hose to divert the overflow water to any area of your yard or garden, as well as a spigot. 

The 60-gallon barrels, which are manufactured locally, are 32"H x 28"W and cost $85; the 80-gallon ones are 38"H x 28"W and are $100. The barrels are offered at a reduced price through a partnership between Mecklenburg County Soil and Water Conservation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services. 

Barrels must be ordered by Monday, June 9, and may be picked up and paid for with cash or check at the Hal Marshall County Services Center between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 21. The next scheduled rain barrel sale is September 13. Call (704) 336-2455 or (704) 344-6265 to order, or visit

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