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Uptown Dog Park

Why isn't there a dog park for all the people living in homes, condos and apartments uptown? There is? Thanks Park & Rec. 

August 14, 2008 


Charlotte, NC--  Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation will officially open its first uptown dog park at 6:30am on Tuesday, August 19,  2008. The new dog park will be in Frazier Park, along I-77 near West Trade and Sycamore Streets (behind the basketball court and beside the tennis courts). 

This dog park will serve the rapidly growing community of condominiums, apartments, homes and hotels uptown. Projections by Center City Partners anticipate an uptown population of more than 20,000 persons within four years. This addition to Frazier Park would allow pets of this population the chance to run free for the first time, off-leash, inside a fence. 

The dog park covers 1.3 acres--with sections for small dogs (.4 acre) and large dogs (.87 acres) inside an attractive metal fence about five feet high. The dividing line between small dogs and large dogs is 20 pounds. This dog park has a public water supply for doggie drinks. At opening, the park will NOT have so-called “doggie furniture, which MAY be added soon if the budget allows. 

Construction of this dog park cost about $50,000, paid for in part by proceeds from the annual Harris-Teeter/Purina® Bark in the Park dog festival and from fees that used to be charged for “pooch passes” (These fees were discontinued July 1, 2008) at the other County dog parks:

  • McAlpine Creek Park, 8711 Monroe Road
  • Ramsey Creek Park, 18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius
  • Reedy Creek Park, 2900 Rocky River Road
  • William R. Davie Park, 4635 Pineville-Matthews Road 

NO pooch passes or fees are required at Frazier Park. Dog owners must still vaccinate their animals against rabies according to state statute, city and county ordinance. Dog owners are still responsible for pets in the off-leash area and are asked to obey all posted rules. 

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