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Flood Insurance
Mecklenburg County is reviewing the flood insurance policies for people in the flooded Cavalier Apartments along Briar Creek.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services continues to review the status of flood insurance policies for residents of the Cavalier Apartments. Mecklenburg County took ownership of the Cavalier Apartments along Briar Creek on June 24, 2008. The previous owners of Cavalier had paid annual flood insurance premiums for residents of the 192 units who requested coverage. Mecklenburg County agreed to continue to offer to pay flood insurance premiums for residents of the complex who signed paperwork requesting flood insurance coverage. At least ten and as many as 30 Cavalier families who sustained flood damage contend their insurance policies were not in effect at the time of last week's flooding. Storm Water Services is reviewing each resident's paperwork with the County's contracted consultant, insurance agent, insurance company, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Mecklenburg County offered to pay flood insurance premiums for residents of the Cavalier Apartments because the County owns the property. The County does not pay flood insurance premiums for privately-owned homes or businesses, or for tenants of apartment complexes not owned by the County. 

When floodwater from Tropical Storm Fay inundated the Cavalier Apartments on August 27, 2008, Mecklenburg County was in the process of relocating residents of the complex. The relocation timetable was moved up because of the extensive flood damage. The majority of the 192 units at Cavalier are considered unsafe. All residents are being urged to find other housing as soon as possible for safety and security reasons. As part of the buyout agreement, the County is providing assistance to Cavalier residents to find new housing. It is hoped that all residents of the Cavalier Apartments will have relocated by September 23, 2008. 

As part of the relocation process, Cavalier residents are being given a check for their security deposit, pro-rated August rent and an advance to cover moving expenses. Since Friday, August 30, of the remaining 136 Cavalier families, 102 have received these checks, most in excess of $1,000 each. The amount of the relocation payment to each Cavalier resident was not affected by the flooding, but the timing of the payments to residents was moved up because of flood damage. The Cavalier Apartments are to be torn down this fall and the floodplain will become open space.

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