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Manager's Performance Reviewed
The Board of County Commissioners has reviewed the performance of County Manager Harry Jones and has given him an exemplary rating.

The Board of County Commissioners has approved a committee recommendation that gives County Manager Harry Jones a 4% increase in base salary from $207,361 to $215,656. The maximum salary increase possible for all other County employees under the budget approved by the Board in June 2008 for the current fiscal year is 7%.  Under the County's pay for performance compensation system, employees whose performance rating is exemplary received a percentage increase in their salary in the 5-7% range in the current fiscal year.  The consensus of the Committee was that the Manager's performance during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 had been exemplary.  The Manager, however, requested that his total compensation increase equal the increase of the compensation of the Board of County Commissioners (4.4% approved June 17, 2008), which also reflects the average employee increase for the prior year.  The Committee appreciates his sensitivity to the needs of the organization and the community and recommends an increase in the amount of his request. 

The Board also approved a performance bonus based upon Jones' performance during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 of $38,400.  The previously agreed upon maximum potential bonus was $62,208 or 30% of his current base salary.  The Committee recommended a bonus in the amount of $38,400, as requested by the Manager to maintain a total compensation increase of no more than 4.4 percent.  However, according to the standard methodology for calculating the Manager's bonus, he would have received $42,986. 

Base Salary = $215,656
Peformance Bonus = $38,400
Benefits & Retirement = $5,822
Deferred Compensation Match = $10,783
Deferred Compensation = $13,824
Longevity = $6,221
Expense Account = $12,149
Total Compensation = $302,854

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