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The Register of Deeds Office is now making official records dating back to the 1700's available to customers online.


Charlotte, NC – The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds Office has completed the lengthy process of scanning nearly all of its historical real estate records and other documents, and now offers them to the public online. 

"We are very excited to be able to offer most of our historical documents online," says Judy Gibson, Register of Deeds. "It is something that brings value and convenience to all citizens and the professional community, and provides another safe method of ensuring a secure backup of our records." 

Images of Mecklenburg County real estate records and other documents dating back to 1990 have been available online for some time. Now, many records dating back to the inception of the county are available in a similar search style. While the vast majority of the historical records are accessible online, there are a few which require special handling because of their fragile status, primarily due to age. These special records will be added over the next few months after preservation processes have been applied. Some of the imaged real estate records date back to 1763, the founding days of Mecklenburg County.  

The new online records will be especially helpful for citizens of the entire community who sometimes spend countless hours at the Register of Deeds office searching through hard copies and microfilm of documents. Another benefit citizens will realize is the ability to make copies of these records from their homes or offices, eliminating the need to make a special trip downtown or pay a copy fee. 

The office registers, indexes, and stores all real estate and business-related documents that are presented for recording. Certified copies of documents may be obtained by contacting the Register of Deeds office at 720 East 4th Street, Charlotte North Carolina. 

To view these historic documents go to and choose the "historical real estate" icon. There is an online tutorial available to assist users on navigation and the retrieval of indexes and document images.

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