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Capital Building Projects
Mecklenburg County is now making information about capital projects available at a single location on the County Web site.

October 30, 2008


Charlotte, NC – Detailed information about all Mecklenburg County capital projects is now available in a user-friendly format online. 

Much of the information displayed on the new Web site had been available to the public but was stored at multiple locations on the County Web site. Now information is being combined and displayed in one easy-to-use location:

The site lists the names of FY2008 and FY2009 County capital projects, their locations, the cost, funding source, whether bonds are being used to finance the project and a full description. Individual projects are indicated by an icon on a County map. Details pop up when a user clicks on the icon. Searches can be conducted by commission district, city or town, project status or by funding source. 

Three County departments, Geospatial Information Services (GIS), Information Services and Technology (IST) and the Office of Strategic Organization Improvement (SOI), collaborated for the past nine months on the project. Since the project was done completely in-house, there was no cost other than staff time. 

The information currently available includes all the Park and Recreation projects that would be funded by passage of the $250 million bond referendum on the November 4 ballot.

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