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Annual Performance Report
Mecklenburg County has released the 2008 Performance Report, showing progress toward reaching its 2015 goals.
Dec. 11, 2008



Charlotte , NC - Mecklenburg County Government continues to make progress toward its 2015 vision to make the community "a place of pride and choice for people to live, work and recreate." The County's Annual Performance Report released this week shows the County achieving high marks in 58% of its goals and making significant improvement in 19% of its other goals.


Based on the Board of County Commissioners' Vision 2015, the County established 25 goals and set measures for success using an easy to understand visual reporting system that uses green lights when performance reaches 95% of its goal, a yellow light when performance is between 86% and 94% of the long-term goal and a red light when performance is below 85% of the long-term goal. 


Here are a few of the successes and opportunities as reported in each of the County's four focus areas:


Community Health & Safety:

  • Mental Health Index (Green light)

  • Trial Court Performance Index (Red light)


Social, Education & Economic Opportunity:

  • Ethnic & Cultural Diversity (Green light)

  • Adult literacy (Red light)


Effective & Efficient Government:

  • Maintained a Triple A Bond Rating (Green light)

  • Citizen Satisfaction with input opportunities (Red light)


Growth Management & the Environment:

  • Customer satisfaction with recreational opportunities (Green light)

  • Environmental Quality Index (Red light)


The Performance Report is the final step in a year-long process that begins in January with the Board of County Commissioners establishing their goals, then funding those goals during the budget process that culminates in June. The Performance Report is our report card on how well the County did achieving the goals established to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of County programs and services to achieve the best value for tax dollars.


Copies of the Performance Report are available at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, in this week's Charlotte Business Journal or online at


Media Contact: Roger W. Kortekaas 704-336-2597 or

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