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Donation to Habitat
The County-owned Cavalier Apartments are being dismantled and the reusable construction materials are being donated to Habitat for Humanity.


Charlotte, NC Known for huge flood losses, the Cavalier Apartments are setting a new record: the biggest donation of building materials ever to Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte. In February, hundreds of like-new kitchen cabinets, windows and doors are being removed from the apartment complex to be sold at local Habitat ReStores. 

Mecklenburg County bought the Cavalier Apartments in 2008 using a combination of local storm water fee dollars and FEMA flood mitigation grant funds. The apartment complex will be torn down in late February and March. Before demolition starts, Habitat staff and volunteers are removing reusable building materials, mostly from the 90 apartment units on the second floor that were not damaged by flooding last August. Those items include:

         900 oak kitchen cabinets
         764 vinyl windows
         450 interior doors
         at least 90 exterior doors. 

Habitat Donations Manager Tim Murphy called it the largest deconstruction project that Habitat of Charlotte has ever been involved with.  It took us a week to just uninstall the kitchen cabinets, Murphy said. With an energetic group of volunteers, we filled an entire tractor-trailer last Saturday with cabinets from 40 apartments. The harvesting continues this week and next, and Murphy expects to fill the equivalent of three tractor-trailers with the donated building supplies from Cavalier. 

Murphy estimates that Habitat will remove more than $90,000 worth of materials from the apartments. The sale of these items at the ReStores will be enough to pay for the construction of one Habitat home. The two Charlotte ReStores are open to the public and have already begun selling cabinets and doors removed in the past week from Cavalier. 

David Goode, project manager with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, called the harvesting of cabinets, windows and doors from the Cavalier Apartments a win-win for the entire community. The apartments will be torn down and never flood again. The open space will benefit the neighborhood and water quality in Briar Creek. Habitat will sell quality building materials to remodelers at an affordable price. Tons of usable materials will be kept out of construction landfills. And Habitat will reinvest the proceeds back into the community as affordable housing for deserving families.

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